Journal Entry #1

Hello, I am Joey Smith and I am a 16 year old soldier on the Union side and am ranked a private. My friends and I decided that we would all join the army but I was scared about leaving home. We chose to join the Union because I grew up in the North so most people were against slavery. I have a mom, a dad, and many friends. I also have 5 horses that live with me and my family in Illinois. Me and my family have a average sized house with lots of land.   Before I joined the army, I would work around the house like taking care of animals, washing dishes, and stuff like that.

Journal Entry #2

Stephanie: hello possum!

Aria: Lets go grab a root

Stephanie: Bully!!! What a horse sense idea!

Aria: Lets Skidaddle

Stephanie: do you have some greenbacks?

Aria: Si

Stephanie: HUNKEY DOREY!!!

Aria:Do you got your pepperbox?

Stephanie: yes, do you got your Arkansas toothpick?

Aria: yes i do got my Arkansas toothpick

Stephanie: Ok lets go

Aria: Vomanos

Journal Entry #3

Dear Mom,

The camp is in Virginia and it is small.Tents and soldiers fill up most of the area. My camp is in the middle of a forest so all I see are tents, trees, and soldiers. There is a creek that is only a short walk away from camp so sometimes I will sit on a rock or the ground next to the creek.The food is ok but there isn't much so we have only have breakfast and dinner and the occasional snack. The bathroom are a wooden stall with a hole in the ground and are on the edge of the campsite so we don't have to smell them.

Sincerely, Joey

Journal Entry #4

#1- Jeremiah, when you chose to stay with your mother, what caused you to make that choice? I wanted to stay with her as long as I could and enjoy her company before she died.

#2 - Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about? That I stayed with my mother before she died and tried to make her feel better. I alsoam glad that I made my own decisions for myself without somebody else deciding for me.

#3- Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different? I wish I had joined the confederate instead of the Union because then I wouldn't be injured and in prison and that I also would have been with my brother.

Your message...

Your message...

Morning Breakfast

Journal Entry #6

Camp life can be boring but sometimes the soldiers (including me) play cards or other games like that. Sometime we will take some sort of ball and me and the other soldiers will kick it around in a field. We ended up turning it into a game where there are two teams and we have to kick the ball into the other teams goal which are on either sides of the field. We also will play dominos and catch.

Your Friend,


Your message...


Dear Mom,

There has been man injuries and most of them aren't from the war. There have been broken bones, illnesses, disease breakouts, bullet wounds, and amputated limbs.One of my friends that i met at camp got sick and it was really bad that he had to be kept in a tent away from everyone else so none of the other soldiers got sick. Also i have seen many soldiers come back from the battle with slings on their arms or blood-stained bandages from gunshot wounds.



battle field before a battle

Journal Entry #8

Dear, Mom

I will be coming home soon because my enlistment in the army is up. I have seen many illnesses, deaths, and injuries. I have spent many hours playing card games with other soldiers. I can't wait to see you and the rest of my friends and family. I also can't wait to see my horses and also ride them again. I should be home in the next week or two so you have to be patient. I also can't wait to eat regular food instead of stale, hard, bread that is full of bugs and mold. They also never found out that i'm a girl.

Love you,


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