Week 15

adventures of baby bock

Baby Bock is 15 weeks old and growing so fast! The babe is practicing moving, breathing, swallowing and to my parents amusement - sucking its thumb! I was a big thumb sucker (sounds wrong) when I was younger and it drove my mom crazy.  I am sure they would love for me to have a kid that does the same thing...isn't that what all parents say? "I hope you have a child just like you" or something equally snarky. I'm sure we would be so lucky to have a kid just like me - since I was so perfect, but whatever.

So for any moms out there who have been pregnant in the last few years I am sure you had multiple apps on your phone that alert you to the size of the babe each week. It's strange to me that each week baby b is compared to a piece of fruit. A couple of weeks ago the baby was the size of a peach and I had just bought peaches - I couldn't eat them all week! I wonder who first thought to compare a growing fetus to produce? I suppose its clever but why not a kitchen gadget or something you don't bite into and consume!? Anyways, since baby bock is a navel orange this week I will not be eating any oranges. I'm excited for when the baby is a Rutabaga since I don't even know what that is nor will I be consuming any.