School Project

Photography Portfolio

Dandelion Sunset

I took this photo for our nature assignment at Poage Park in Spring. This is my favourite photo because the sun was in exactly the right spot and it turned out great.

The Lake At Dusk

This photo was taken at Lake Waco just after the big sunset, but I didn't get there in time to photograph that but I think that this photo turned out pretty good.

Making A Path

I was driving home from school and saw a perfect opportunity to take a picture in this field. My shoes got really muddy but it was completely worth it.

Muddy Cow

This was taken at the end of Old McGregor Rd for an assignment. I got the timing just right for the cow to be looking at my direction.

Western Sunset

This photo was taken in Lorena on the way home and I had to cross a busy highway and walk up an extremely steep hill to get this shot.

Ears Perked

It took a lot of whistling to get the cows to look in my direction. I got lucky because as soon as I took the picture, the cows started walking away.  


This photo was taken at Lake Waco and it was made by throwing a rock into the lake and trying to get the right picture.

Fluorescent Flowers

Theses photos are very zoomed in as the flowers were extremely small.

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