Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism,where the strong succeed and the weak fail.  In the Galapagos Islands, Darwin studied finches and found that those with stronger beaks proved to have a better survival rate.  Therefore, those most adapted to their society thrived.  This process is called natural selection. Natural selection applies to society.

McDonalds is a good example because it has more advertising, income, and business than other fast food companies (Burger King, Wendy's, etc.).  Its efforts bring it to the top of the fast food industry and crushes the competition.

Rich (the man on the right) is richer than John (The man on the left). He is more rich because he has evolved to the changes in society. Rich is also happier than John because of his success. Rich is more fit to modern times than John. He is happier and more successful due to the fact that he is more fit.  This example applies to Social Darwinism because it explains why some people prosper while others do not.

The Federalists were a political party that was around in the late 1700's who wanted a strong centralized government and dreamed of big cities. The Democratic Republicans wanted small central government and stronger state governments and a more rural farming based country. At the time the country was more farming based and the views of the Democratic Republicans were more popular and led them to be strong and survive. The Federalist's views were outdated and the party eventually died. The more fit and evolved party eventually won out.

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