Matthew Rosen the smart

By: Miriam

  Matthew Rosen is the scientist who created the MRI.In 2002 he was awarded the NASA grant to study what gravity does to your lungs.Apperently the  lung specialists already knew.An MRIscanner is a device that shows how well the lung moves air.Unfortunaly the device only took in the information when th person is lying down.But Rosen wanted to see is how does the air move when the patient is standing
up,so Harvard university created a scanner that will look at the lungs no matter how the patient   is positioned.                                                                                                                                            A  standard  MRI machine creates a magnetic field that turns the hydrogen within body tissues’ water molecules in one direction.    The standard MRI machines create a magnetic field that turns the hydrogen in one direction.A computer detects the molecules and forms a 3-D vision of the organs. The way docters see how air moves thourgh the lung tissue is first they make their patient inhale a magnetic helium type of gas, so as they align with the magnetic field it create a map of the lung  airways.    

   With his own item's ,Rosen made his own MRI using copper wires  and alunium sheets. He needed very little magnetic energy to rotate the helium, creating a really clear image, concluding that rosen had a chance to fargo million-dollar superconducting magnets.So with his machine being 1\20 the cost of a reagular MRI,every pulmonologist {a medical specialist who diagnoses and treats lung diseases} would use it from using it to moniter asthma attacks to seeing if the medication is effecting.“It’s very rare that the cheaper thing is better than the expensive thing,” Rosen says. “But we’re getting the first real pictures of lungs.”

FACT: Matthew Rosen was born December 5, 1875 and died June 1963.

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